Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do you call your data Listens?
A: The term scrobble is a trademarked term by and we cannot use it. Instead we use the term listen.

Q: Is it safe for the importer to be run twice?
A: Yes, it is. Running it twice will not cause duplicates in your listen history.

Q: I can't play music on the pages; what's going on?
A: Make sure your browser is allowing autoplaying media on
If you have a Spotify account, you'll have much better results if you connect it to ListenBrainz. Otherwise you'll be limited to 30 second excerpts.

Q: I connected my Spotify account but the player just doesn't work
A: Before anything else, try disconnecting and reconnecting your Spotify account
Make sure you select the permissions to 'record listens and play music' or 'play music only'.
Still no luck? You might have stumbled onto a bug! We would be grateful if you could report it here along with the content of your browser's console.